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#1 A.I. Real Estate & Mortgage Pros All-In-One

Client Acquisition Systems

... Using Multi-Channel Marketing + A.I. Calls for Qualification, Appointment Booking & Lead Nurturing that brings you the Freedom and Consistency you want in your Business.

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What Separates BRE Leads?
This is the "best real estate" a.i. solution you've been looking for ...

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Top Producer System

Get More Leads & Close More Deals.

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Some of The Companies Our Clients Represent:

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What to Expect Working with BRE Leads
All-In-One A.I. Marketing Systems with No Contracts or Take-Backs

Here at Best Real Estate,  we help you create and run a multi-channel marketing system that produces qualified appointments with buyers & homeowners looking to chat on auto-pilot.

No more renting marketing systems just for the company to take back everything when you decide to move on. With Best Real Estate, you own the system.


With our system, everything is taken care of for you ... simply show up for the appointments and respond to the leads reaching out to you. We take care of the targeting, ad setup, optimization, system integration & crm campaigns. You get to focus on what you do best while our system takes care of the rest for you.

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We believe every real estate agent and mortgage pro wants one of two things—more time, more money or both. Most believe they can accomplish this online, but actually live on the transaction hamster wheel and never get around to creating the leverage in their business they desire. Our business is the conduit between the two.


BRE Leads builds real estate agents & mortgage pros leveraged client acquisition systems they own. We distinguish ourselves by creating owners instead of renters like every other agency.

We Create Top Producers
More About BRE Leads ... Our Story, Mission & Vision

Private Property

The Team
Meet a Few of Our Team Members!

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Results Matter

We Let Our Partners Speak for Themselves

Our Platform & Other Features
Done-For-You Features Helping You Become a "Top Producer"

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Frequently Asked Questions
Browse common questions we get about our system.

  • Will this work for brand new agents?
    Yes! We work with a variety of agents & mortgage pros ranging from beginners that just got their license to teams/brokerages that have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years.
  • Can we round robin leads?
    Yes! We have a variety of round robin features for leads & appointments.
  • Does your system integrate with my CRM?
    Yes, we integrate with all major platforms & companies.
  • Can I pay you after I get a closing?
    Referral only companies have robbed real estate agents across the United States for years. Why give up 30-40% of your commission just to do more deals? We offer a different investment structure. We want to put more of your net commission in your pocket, while saving you time in the process.
  • Does this system work for teams?
    Yes, we have a number of teams using our system & simply round robin leads that they receive. We have a very affordable pricing structure for teams.
  • Are these leads exclusive?
    Yes the leads, system, and marketing marketing are 100% exclusive to you and your business.
  • My market is too small or too competitive?
    Never ... in fact, we haven't noticed any difference in results, besides lead cost, when location is concerned.
  • How much of this system do I have to setup myself?
    Everything required from you will be gathered during the onboarding process. After that, our team takes care of the rest.
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